For DN80, DN100, DN150 Pipe Diameters

· 25mm thick, slips easily between DIN flanges.

· Ideal for irrigation, sewage or acidic mine water.

· Robust nylon construction, no corrosion issues.

· Internal ultrasonic sensor, for reliable operation.

· Internal battery power or 24VDC power options.

· IP68 protection.

· RF comms module option for wireless meter reading.

· Open collector & TTL outputs, 4-20mA analogue with

  24VDC power option.

· Accuracy ±2% in normal flow range.

· No pressure drop.

· Pressure rated to 1.6MPa.

· Fluid temperature 0 to 30°C, ambient to 45°C.

Designed for simple installation between flanges the Merriman MWU-T3K1 brings stable, accurate flow rate & totalisation within the budget for every water management application.

The internal lithium battery, with a life of up to 6 years, eliminates power supply hassles & can power an RF transmitter for wireless meter reading. The built in LCD displays the instantaneous flow rate & accumulated total with status details for inspection at any time.

With no moving parts the meter is maintenance free, providing reliable monitoring & control of bore water pumps & irrigation systems.

Where mobile phone networks are available the meter can provide telemetry to assist the effective management of water resources.

With the innovative sensor design & the convenience of lithium battery power the meter can be moved from site to site with very little inconvenience, making data acquisition of water flows  convenient & cost effective.


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